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  • Botox for Jaw Reduction and Contouring Jaw Reduction and Contouring 
  • helps TMJ
  • Techniques To reduce the width and/or square appearance of the lower jaw 
  • two options: Reduce the masseter muscle overlying the jaw non-surgically with Botox  to narrow the lower face
  • Reduce the size of the lower jaw bone (mandible) with an operation. 
  • The normal workload of the enlarged masseter is shifted to the other muscles (temporalis muscles, pterygoid muscles, etc.) permitting normal chewing. 
  • Moderate improvement can generally be seen in 1-2 months, with maximal improvement noticed between 3 and 9 months after treatment. 
  • Non-surgical Jaw Reduction and Contouring with Botox is a drug that is approved for the treatment of frown lines and other disorders. 
  • For if the jaw bone (mandible) is the primary cause of the widening, Botox is not likely to improve the appearance
  • No Studies on Long term effects of Botox
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