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  • 30 Minute  Non-Surgical Face Lift  NYC Treatment Center in New York, NY
  • Opened 7 Days a Week for Treatment
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  • The Non- Surgical Face Lift enhances and restores the facial contour by: Restoring facial symmetry Reviving, or in some cases, recreating the jaw line Defining cheek bones 
  • Brightening and accentuating the eyes, softening the tear troughs & lifting the brows 
  • Filling the aging hollows of the temples 
  • Lifting and firming the skin including the neck area Rejuvenating the lips and mouth area 
  • The FACE  Lift is an excellent choice for someone that: is not of an age where they require a surgical facelift is of the age but does not have the time or means to undergo a complicated surgical procedure desires to reverse the aging process in a natural-looking way wants minimal downtime and accessible costs demands a safe, well-tested procedure and an experienced hand Your Experience 
  • The Non-Surgical Face Lift consists of strategic placement of facial volumiser 
  • customised treatment with Dermal Fillers - Restylane, Juvederm or Radiesse 
  • restore the facial balance and recreate the natural aesthetic harmony of each individual's face. 
  • Non-surgical FACE Lift Temples, Cheeks, lower eyelid rejuvenation, Nose to Mouth Lines, Mouth Corners & Jaw Definition  
  • The Injection Face Lift  is a non-surgical procedure that restores and improves the appearance of the face from the forehead, jaw line to neck very effectively with natural-looking results. 
  • "Lunch-Time Lift", "Weekend Lift with no downtime", "Quick 30 minutes Lift"
  • Several sessions are required in order to synchronise correctly the required treatment of specific issues in order to achieve a natural long lasting result
  • Dr Gary prefers to use Juvederm XC for a delicate precise and subtle change in your face to give symmetry and harmony
  • You look so much better but nobody will know!!
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