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  • Looking beautiful and healthy requires that we also take care of the appearance of our chest area, or what beauticians call the 


  • When a woman sleeps on her side, the breasts, because of their weight, fall together and create lines, wrinkles and creases between the breasts, up the chest and into the lower neck area. 
  • If you want to see a tremendous improvement in the appearance of your decolletage area in only 30 days, try the following routine EVERY DAY for one month. 
  • Make sure to always apply sunscreen (titanium dioxide) when wearing a low cut t-shirt or dress during the day. 
  • The simple yet very effective solution is to apply your daily skin care products not just on your face but also on your neck and chest area!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • If that does not answer all your prayers see our board certified Cosmetic Dermatologist for Filler Injections which take only about 5 Minutes (Juvederm)
  • Possibly if you have sun damaged skin you might need some chemical peels.
  • Or another possiblity is for Botox injection to relax the muscles responsible for the old and tired  looking crepey cleavage.  This would make a stunning improvment