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  • Caring for your skin Of course, living a healthy lifestyle like getting regular exercise will help excrete toxins and bacteria from your skin but here are other measures you can take: Avoid oil-based skin products: They may produce more oil (and lead to more clogging) on the skin. 
  • One third of male adults affected by facial acne also have acne on their body. 
  • There are oil glands in a number of places on the body, with more glands found at the chest, face and back.  This is what causes acne.
  • Once you've treated acne, the other issue you'll face is trying to prevent scarring which can leave very unsightly marks and what some call, "craters" on your face. 
  • Acne isn't only a problem faced by teenagers due to their raging hormones but millions of male adults suffer from this debilitating skin problem too. 
  • Consult your dermatologist who'll prescribe you a suitable skincare regimen.
  • Hands and Hair off!: Your hands and hair have bacteria and may not be as clean as you think. 
  • For the record, adult onset acne affects 25 per cent of men and up to 50 per cent of women at some time in their adult lives, according to a 1999 study by the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology. 
  • The person may find it hard to start a relationship with the opposite sex because they don't think they're good enough, or their self-confidence is deflated.
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