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  • The FUE method involves: 

  • Placing each hair graft one by one in the right direction and at the optimal angle to achieve a balanced density that matches your own natural hair growth
  • Constructing high hair density from your existing hair 
  • Achieving harmonious and balanced hair density 
  • Painless operation and post-operation procedures 
  • A quick recovery time 
  • Minimal scarring so you will not be restricted in how you wear your hair. 
  • FUE  Method (FUE ), which is an advanced hair transplant technique performed without a scalpel or stitches. 
  • The FUE  (FUE ) offers you greater density and amazing natural results. 
  • The FUE  is an advanced surgical technique that moves hair follicles from areas lush with hair to areas that are sparse or bare. 
  • For the first centimeter behind the hairline, placement of grafts must be irregular and each graft must contain exclusively single hair follicles.