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  • ARTAS SYSTEM RECEIVES FDA CLEARANCE FOR GROUND-BREAKING TECHNOLOGY TREATING HAIR LOSS Restoration Robotics, Inc., a medical device company that pioneered the first robotic follicular unit harvesting system, today announced that it has received FDA  clearance for its revolutionary ARTAS System Mountain View, CA -- Restoration Robotics, Inc. a privately-held medical device company, today announced that its revolutionary technology, the ARTAS System, has received 510K clearance from the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) for harvesting hair follicles from the scalp in men diagnosed with androgenetic alopecia (male pattern hair loss) with black or brown straight hair. 
  • Approximately one in four men suffer from male pattern baldness (MPB), which has psychological, professional and social consequences for these patients, such as: 68% of men feel helpless about their hair loss 73% of balding men feel they are less attractive than they were when they had hair 77% of balding men would feel very or somewhat concerned if they were in their 20s, just starting their career and experiencing hair loss While prescription remedies, such as Propecia and Rogaine , offer some benefits to existing hair, hair restoration moves healthy, functioning follicles to the areas of the patient's scalp most impacted by baldness for more dramatic results. 
  • The ARTAS System was developed in close collaboration with several leading hair restoration physicians to enhance the quality of follicular unit harvesting for the benefit of physicians and their patients. 
  • Hair transplant robot gets FDA approval, men with straight brown hair rejoice  we told you about Restoration Robotics, an upstart research team using robots to perform hair transplants -- a project whose details (you know, like how it works) were shrouded in secrecy. 
  • Four years later, the Artas System has won FDA approval for in-office procedures, with the inviting bot  harvesting individual hair follicles from the scalp.
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