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  • Peels for African American Skin 
  • The issue with darker skin is not whether you can or cannot have a peel; 
  • the issue is how aggressive that peel is
  • Frequently, the doctor will have a nurse do the peel, but make sure you actually the Dermatologist does the procedure. He is the one experienced with ethnic skin.
  • Benefits of Chemical Peels Almost everyone can benefit from chemical peels. 
  • TCA peels in ethnic skin should be used with caution and I would not go higher than 10% TCA
  • In Face I probably would not do it
  • The depth of the peel should be matched to the depth of the problem you are trying to correct The type of peel appropriate for you depends upon what condition you are trying to improve
  • Again proceed with caution with Ethnic Skin because of Dark Spots ( Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation)
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