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  • Scars on the legs
  • Chemical Peels Scars on Legs  NYC 
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  • People who complain of scars on the legs frequently are referring to dark brown spots rather than scarring. 
  • Chemical peel exfoliation of the skin can help to lighten skin of the legs but in people of color the peels that are too aggressive can actually darken the skin. 
  • By keeping the action of the chemical peel to the superficial layers, the remaining layers of skin allow the skin to regenerate in a smoother, even skin tone fashion.
  • Improving keloid and hypertrophic scars with chemical peels. 
  • Kenalog Injections (cortisone) should be considered.
  • Cordran(Steroid) Tape works well with injecting keloids and hypertropic scars
  • Treatment cannot be answered until we examine the patient for the types of scars they have
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