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  • Foaming facial cleansers can come in a variety of types, including: Lotions Creams Gels Self-foaming cleansers Aerosols Scrubs Non-Foaming Facial Cleansers The non-foaming facial cleansers tend to be the mildest type of facial cleanser because they have a very small amount of surfactant and can be wiped off instead of rinsed off. 
  • Non-foaming cleansers typically include: Creams Lotions (sometimes known as milks) Cold creams Abrasive Scrubs Abrasive scrubs contain ingredients that physically scrub the skin to help remove dead skin cells. 
  • Facial cleansers are milder on the skin because the surfactant they contain is milder than that of body cleansers. 
  • Soaps for the face can be divided into these three groups: Foaming cleansers Non-foaming cleansers Abrasive scrubs Let's take a trip down the skincare aisle... Foaming Facial Cleansers These facial soaps tend to have the most pleasing feel because they lather and leave behind a refreshing sensation after they're rinsed off. 
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