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  • Even though Cortisone injections can be used as a preventative in cystic acne and in other types of acne in general, it is always wise to follow up with your dermatologist on a regular basis and to take other preventative measures as well when treating acne. 
  • This is why it is so important to always get your acne cysts looked at by a dermatologist so that they can find a way to effectively treat it and prevent the cysts from coming back or worsening. 
  • The most common side effect that most people experience when getting Cortisone injections is atrophy of the fatty tissue that surrounds the injection. 
  • It is very effective especially in healing cystic acne lesions and many have suggested that it begins healing immediately.
  • Cortisone has been used by many people who suffer from cystic acne to quickly reduce swelling and heal lesions. 
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