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  • For people with especially dark areas where the rest of their skin is lighter some peels
  • can be used but those types of products should be used with caution in patients with darker skin.
  • We have had great success treating darkly pigmented areas of the face and body with many types of peels a chemical peel formula with a combination of ingredients that work synergistically to achieve the improvement you desire. 
  • Occasionally more than one treatment is required, but recovery is easy and the treatments are very effective. 
  • You will notice that the pigmentation is more apparent when your joints are extended and the skin overlying the joints is contracted and redundant. 
  • We have performed different types of chemical peels over the years in our office for dark elbows and knees with superb results
  • Have to be very careful with Ethnic Skin to avoid post inflammatory hyperpigmentation
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