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  • Another commonly misconstrued aspect of FUT is so-called "shock loss", or telogen effluvium, in which hair close to the tiny recipient incisions is irritated or "shocked", leading to temporary or permanent loss of the hairs. 
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  • The donor area is a much larger incision than the tiny slits in the recipient area; therefore, it is often a bit more worrisome than the transplanted regions. 
  • So, in a way, the effluvium simply "fast-forwards" the individual's hair loss to the state it would have been in with the inevitable loss of the fine, miniaturized hairs. 
  • There is a tendency to think that this will disturb the grafts, but if it is done as recommended, the chance of dislodging a graft is remote. 
  • Often, this happens in a wave at about weeks 3 to 4. Patients may be quite upset if the beard-like stubble they have been proudly caressing many times a day is now becoming absent. 
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