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  • Common Cosmetic Procedures Hispanic Americans: Hispanics had nearly 1.5 million cosmetic plastic surgery procedures in 2010 
  • The most commonly requested minimally-invasive procedures are Botox, injectable fillers, and chemical peels
  • Choosing the right Dermatologist to help ensure optimal results, patients should choose somebody who has experience performing the requested procedure(s) on ethnic skin types and ethnically sensitive areas. 
  • An African American patient interested in non-surgical nose reshaping may want to reduce the size of their nose to achieve a harmonious balance with other facial features, but is not seeking a nose that is more European. 
  • Pigment Irregularities: Hyperpigmentation, a blotchy, unusual darkening of the skin, or hypopigmentation, an unusual lightening of the skin, may occur with certain facial rejuvenation procedures such as laser skin resurfacing, chemical peels, laser hair removal and dermabrasion. 
  • Keloids and hypertrophic scars are common in patients of African and Asian ancestry, for example, and appear as thickened, raised tissue along an incision line. 
  • African Americans had more than 1 million cosmetic plastic surgery procedures in 2010. 
  • For instance, the typical Asian patient who has eyelid surgery desires a wider, fuller eye that is natural looking to the Asian face and maintains an almond shape.
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