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In essence, all rhinoplasties are ethnic rhinoplasties, because they take in consideration ethnic characteristics of the nasal shape, skin and facial proportions.
The term has been associated however more with rhinoplasty for population groups with softer nasal contours, like the African Americans, Asian or Hispanic groups. Ethnic rhinoplasty is the process of changing the way the nose appears while still keeping all of the ethnic features. Many ethnic group populations have very similar and distinct nasal features, such as a narrow bridge or wider nostrils, and many people who want to change the way their nose looks do not want to lose their ethnic features in the process. Getting a nose job does not have to mean having invasive surgery, instead a 15-minute visit to a specialist can change the appearance of the nose drastically with only a few injections.
Non surgical rhinoplasty is a cosmetic procedure done on the nose to improve the appearance without the complications of a surgical procedure. 
A filler or contouring agent is injected into the tissue of the nose to change the way the nose looks without any extremely invasive procedures. 
Non surgical rhinoplasty does not involve any of these risks or disadvantages as with  a surgical rhinoplasty and usually takes about 15 minutes at our office in Manhattan..