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  • Fraxel for Hispanic Skin
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  • Fraxel re:store
  •  non-ablative laser and is more gentle than Fraxel re:pair, which is an ablative laser.
  • Of course, the pre-treatment, post-treatment protocol and treatment settings must be individualized for your skin needs.
  • Without a wound, there is much less risk of discoloration or scarring. 
  • Fraxel for Hispanic skin If you want to treat acne scars, I would only compare the Fraxel re:store and the re:pair. 
  • People with darker skin are at a higher risk for discoloration after any kind of laser procedure
  • These procedures might not work for you 
  • You must evaluated by a dermatologist find the sour of the problem
  • Opened 7 Days a Week for Appointments
  • It is vital to undergo a full pre assessment to ensure that your skin type is fully assessed and to be  accurate about your medical history. This particular procedure might not be the right treatment for you.  It is crucial that the Doctor does a full History and Physical Examination and listens to your concerns.  It very important to understand the individual needs of each patient because one procedure could work on one patient and then not another.
  • 212.644.6454