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  • Nowadays in the 21st Century most cosmetic procedures performed in the offices of cosmetic surgeons are non-invasive (non-surgical)
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  • Most Celebrities are getting Non-Surgical Face Lifts Not Surgical Face Lifts
  • radio-frequency skin tighteners Thermage, a Xeo hair removal device, the Zerona laser, which is supposed to get rid of fat,and a Fraxel  -a so-called fractionated laser used to resurface and smooth the skin. 
  • Non-Surgical Treatments  including ultherapy, non-surgical nose jobs, fillers ,Botox, Juvederm
  • Ultrasound therapy to lift and smooth your brow
  • Fractionated laser to treat sun damage
  • Chemical Peels to rejuvenate the Skin
  • And the list goes on. There is ever increasing non-surgical procedures being produced every year
  • Dr. Gary has a international reputation in Non-Surgical Rejuvenation
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