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  • A number of things can dry out hair, including: 
  • Washing it too often 
  • Using a harsh shampoo 
  • Excessive blow-drying or use of a curling iron or straightening iron 
  • Exposure to sun, wind, and dry air Perms and dyes Chlorine in swimming pools Poor nutrition Certain medications 
  • To keep the moisture in your hair, try these tips: 
  • Don't wash your hair every day. 
  • Excessive styling and heat can cause split ends, which occur when the protective outermost layer of hair (the cuticle) is damaged and peels back. 
  • Limit blow-drying and use of hot irons, hot rollers, or curling irons. 
  • Increase the time between hair treatments such as dyes and perms. 
  • Hair needs moisture and a certain amount of oil to keep it looking healthy
  • 212.644.6454