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  • Hair Loss after Pregnancy NYC
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  • How to Reduce Hair Loss after Childbirth
  •  Don't overbrush your hair to have styles that put undue strain on the hair Don't use hairdryers, or if you do, use a low setting to avoid damaging hair  Eat a balanced diet with fruit and vegetables to encourage hair growth 
  • Take a multi-vitamin supplement that contains vitamins B, B7 (biotin) C and E and zinc. 
  • During pregnancy, hormones put scalp hair into a growth phase, meaning that your hair will grow and become thicker. 
  • Consider having a short hair style during this postnatal period as the effect of thinning hair will be less obvious. 
  • After the birth, the hair goes into a "resting" phase and remains dormant on the head for two or three months. 
  • Then it goes into another growth phase and all the "resting" hairs are shed at once.
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