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  • Myth: Hair Loss is Inherited From the Mother's Side The majority of hair loss in both men and women are genetics - that is, hair loss is a hereditary trait and can be inherited from either the mother's or father's side. 
  • From Mom's Side From Dad's Side X O X XX XO X XX XO Note: X is the bad version of the gene that will give you hair loss, whereas O is the version of the gene that does not. 
  • So you will inherit one copy of the gene that will determine whether you have inherited hair loss from your father and one copy from your mother. 
  • The chances that you inherit the bad gene from either your father or mother (you only need one copy to get the inherited hair loss problem) just increased to 75%. 
  • In addition to preventing the overproduction of DHT (preferably only regulating the overproduction of local scalp DHT), your hair loss treatment regimen should also include providing nutrients and vitamins to strengthen existing hair, prevent hair fall out due to damage, and promote new hair growth.
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