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 Don't let hair loss get you down Childbirth is a huge event in a mother's life but the postpartum hair loss that women face can dampen the joy of it all. 
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  • Discontinuing birth control may cause hair loss in women for the same hormonal reasons.  In a pregnant woman, levels of the hormone, progesterone, are unusually high and this has the effect of forcing hair into the resting phase prematurely. 
  • Supplement your diet with the following nutrients: - Vitamin B complex  - Biotin (Possibly safe; orally and appropriately) - Vitamin C  - Vamin E (Likely safe if amount does not exceed the RDA; possibly safe if it does) - Zinc (Likely safe when used orally and appropriately; likely unsafe when used orally in high doses) 
  • Once estrogen levels dip, hair slips into the resting or telegen stage and all those 'resting' hair follicles begin to fall out. 
  • When estrogen levels are high - when you are pregnant and breast feeding - they send a message to hair follicles to hold on to your hair that would have normally fallen out if you weren't pregnant. 
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