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  • Loose anagen syndrome or loose hair syndrome involves exactly what the name suggests, growing hair that is "loose" and easily pulled out of the hair follicle. 
  • Why the hair is loose is not known for sure, but the root sheaths that normally surround and protect the hair shaft in the skin are not produced properly in people with loose anagen syndrome. 
  • If damaging physical processes are combined with damaging chemical processes then the problem is compounded. 
  • Along the length of a hair fiber there are nodes and constrictions making the edge of the fiber undulate. 
  • For perms, straighteners, bleaches, and dyes to work the cuticle has to be opened up so that other chemicals can get to the hair cortex and either rearrange the chemical bonds in the hair structure, as occurs with perms and straighteners, or to remove or add hair pigment, as occurs with bleaching and dyeing.
  • 212.644.6454