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  • Hair Transplants - Shaving the Donor Area NYC
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  • It is very important to verify the direction of the hair follicles when harvesting the donor area of hair to avoid injury to the underlying hair follicles. 
  • If FUE (follicular unit extraction) is the method of choice and you are receiving over a  1000  grafts ( which today is a a common situation) the dermatologist would have to shave the donor areas to properly harvest the grafts. 
  • The donor area has to be shaved for any significant number of FUE grafts 
  • It is common not to shave the recipient areas for follicular unit hair transplants
  • It is vital to undergo a full pre assessment to ensure that your skin type is fully assessed and to be  accurate about your medical history. This particular procedure might not be the right treatment for you.  It is crucial that the Doctor does a full History and Physical Examination and listens to your concerns.  It very important to understand the individual needs of each patient because one procedure could work on one patient and then not another.
  • Each patient’s condition is carefully evaluated and the best treatment(s) are chosen to ensure an optimal outcome. Treatments are performed by Dr. Gary who has extensive cosmetic dermatology experience and training. This allows the Doctor to offer top-quality services in every area of the cosmetic dermatology field, while ensuring patients safety and satisfaction. 
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