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  • HairMax LaserComb Lux 9 
  • treat female hair loss and promote hair growth 
  • Clinically Proven - The results of a double-blind, device-controlled clinical study conducted under Good Clinical Practices showed that 100% of subjects on the HairMax Lux 9 experienced hair growth at 6 months
  • Hairmax Lasercomb FDA clearance for Female Pattern Baldness (Androgenetic Alopcia (AGA) Female Pattern)
  • For the first time in twenty three years, a new home-use treatment for female hair loss is available
  • Upon review of Lexington's extensive clinical studies on female hair loss, the FDA has granted Clearance to this exciting new treatment option 
  • Lexington research supports the theory that low level laser energy is able to stimulate the prodution of ATP by releasing bound nitric oxide in the cellular respiratory chain which increases metabolic energy, promotes microcirculation, contributes to regulation of cellular apoptosis, and stimulates cell proliferation.
  • Studies are very extensively weak
  • would not use this therapy
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