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  • For example, if you have thick, curly hair then you will need fewer grafts than someone with thin, fine hair because the curls and density of the thick hair will cover more scalp per hair. 
  • This procedure will need the same amount of grafts as a Norwood 3. If you are including the crown in this graft, then it can be 1,100-2,000 additional grafts to cover the crown. 
  • Norwood 5A is a completely bald patch on top of the head and the front of the hairline, but the sides of the scalp are still quite thick. 
  • F The amount of grafts you need for hair transplantation depends on how advanced your balding is, how large your head is, and the quality of your hair. 
  • At those minor stages in the balding process medical treatments like minoxidil or finasteride can slow the thinning and can keep your hair intact for years depending on your individual rate of hair loss and how successfully your hair reacts to the drugs. 
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