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  • New Acne Ap iPhone users of the application choose a color -- red light is said to have anti-inflammatory properties and blue light is said to fight bacteria -- and then hold the iPhone against their skins' acne-prone areas for two minutes each day.
  • Dr. Pearson did not immediately respond to requests for comment from ABCNews.com, but the application's Web site said, "Studies showed that light treatments were almost twice as effective as benzoyl peroxide, the main ingredient in Proactiv and other common over-the-counter blemish treatments." 
  • Could an iPhone application treat acne? 
  • The AcneApp, launched by Houston-based Dr. Greg Pearson, claims to use red and blue light to fight blemishes and improve the health of one's skin. 
  • Citing a study published in the British Journal of Dermatology, AcneApp said treatments alternating red and blue light have been shown to eliminate an acne-causing bacteria and reduce skin blemishes up to 76 percent of the time.
  • No long term studies
  • Evidence is very poor that this app really works