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  • Despite the universal interest in the genetics of MPB, there is a surprisingly small number of scientific studies in regards to the genetics of MPB and there is only one known extensive family study on MPB. 
  • This study of hair growth patterns in 22 families concluded that common pattern baldness was an autosomal dominant phenotype in men and an autosomal recessive phenotype in women. 
  • Hair loss similarities between father and son have also been observed in another study in regards to the frequency of MPB in brothers of men having prematurely bald fathers (66%) compared with brothers of men with unaffected fathers (46%). 
  • Despite the fact that the entire human genome, comprising approximately 30,000 genes in the human DNA, was completely mapped out as of April 2003, the gene or, more likely, genes responsible for MPB, have not been identified. 
  •  It's an common misconception among patients that MPB is inherited from the mother's side only.
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