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  • Treatment Enhances Results of Other Treatments
  • Stimulation of collagen remodeling from the inside-out with this non-ablative laser enhances the results of the other laser treatments. 
  • Progressive Improvement Seen With Each Treatment Multiple treatments are needed for optimal results and you can expect to see progressive but subtle improvement after each treatment Depending on the individual circumstances, 3 to 5 treatments are initially recommended at 3-4 week intervals. 
  • Works Without Damaging Skin Surface 
  • The Medlite 4 laser works non-ablatively (i.e. does not remove any skin). 
  • For instance, a yellow pulsed light is used to correct such conditions as red or wine colored birthmarks, enlarged blood vessels, scars from acne, rosacea or any reddened area of the face (such as a red nose caused by alcoholism.) 
  • It can also be used to treat stretch marks. 
  • As the deeper skin tissues are heated, they remodel producing improvement in skin texture, tone, wrinkling and pores.
  • Other Options in Treatment available
  • For specific medical information or individual treatment recommendations you need to be seen by a dermatologist in person. 
  • Please be advised that I cannot respond to medical questions via email. All medical questions require that you be seen in person by a board-certified dermatologist.
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