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  • Melasma Treatment and Prevention NYC Center in New York, NY
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  • Opened 7 Days a Week for Treatment
  • Use the best quality sunscreen every morning -- think zinc and titanium and SPF 30 or higher
  • Wear a wide-brim hat
  • Try triple bleaching creams from your dermatologist -- you'll need a prescription to get the stronger ones (triluma) 
  • Get a series of  light peels, which, if done correctly, can help reduce the discoloration
  • If you can, change contraception or decrease your estrogen dose
  • Prescription "bleaching" creams There are a number of different prescription hydroquinone creams, most containing 4 percent hydroquinone (HQ4%) and other active ingredients. 
  • Melasma can appear when a woman's hormones change, whether through pregnancy, oral contraceptives, or hormone replacement therapy after menopause. 
  • So you have two problems: too many cells making brown pigment and light constantly stimulating them
  • 212.644.6454