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  • Laser and light therapy How acne develops Most laser- and light-based therapies reach the deeper layers of skin without harming the skin's surface. 
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  • Acne treatments: Emerging therapies for clearer skin Up-and-coming acne treatments may help clear stubborn acne. 
  • Though effective, complications can include: Thinning of the skin (atrophy) Appearance of small blood vessels on the surface of the skin (telangiectasia) Skin tone that turns lighter than normal (hypopigmentation) Steroid injections are typically used as a temporary or occasional fix for stubborn acne lesions. 
  • Side effects of this therapy include temporary redness in the treated areas. 
  • A newer type of light therapy that includes a combination of blue and red light may be more effective than blue light alone. 
  • 212.644.6454