New Robit Device for Follicular Unit Extraction NYC

  • Hair Sciences Center of Colorado, a leading Denver-based hair restoration practice headed by internationally renowned specialist, James A. Harris, MD, FACS, announced today it has brought the world's first and only robotic-based device in the treatment of hair loss and hair restoration to its clinic.

  • The ARTAS System utilizes Dr. Harris' pioneering system, The Harris SAFE (Surgically Advanced Follicular Extraction) System. 
  • About James A. Harris, MD, FACS James A. Harris, MD, FACS received his medical degree with honors from the University of Colorado School of Medicine in 1989. 
  • This process is known as Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), a method of obtaining follicular units from the donor area using a very small tool to obtain tiny samples of tissue. 
  • Founder James Harris, MD, FACS pioneered an innovative and minimally invasive technology, the Harris SAFE (Surgically Advanced Follicular Extraction) System, which has transformed hair transplantation surgery practices.