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  • Dreaded dimples: Kim Cattrall and Jerry Hall have both been photographed with cellulite - which is trapped lumps of fat beneath the skin
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  •  Patients say at least 70 per cent of their cellulite has vanished, with some still happy two years later. 
  • In just one hour, laser zaps away the dreaded dimples a gadget that could end the dreaded 'orange peel effect'
  • What is more, it is said to produce long-lasting results, smoothing thighs in just one hour-long treatment
  • Unlike other treatments, Cellulaze is inserted one centimetre or so below the skin
  • In contrast, a single Cellulaze treatment produces dramatic results, the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons annual conference heard
  • Once there, it first melts away the bulging pockets of fat, and then attacks the thick fibres that trap the fat
  • Billed as 'the death of cellulite', the Cellulaze laser attacks the unsightly fat from three angles 
  • Finally, the laser is pointed at the top layer of skin to trigger the production of the protein collagen
  • Patients, who have a sedative and a local anesthetic, may see immediate improvement, it is claimed -- although full results will take up to six months. 
  • Patients have a bit of bruising for a week or so and a bit of swellingFor specific medical information or individual treatment recommendations you need to be seen by a dermatologist in person