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  • To restore beauty and balance to the face, we offer a non-surgical rhinoplasty, where simple injections of a dermal filler like Juvederm, a soft tissue filler c
  • People who have a crooked nose, a small dent or slight misformation on the nose that causes them dissatisfaction, or an unwanted hump on the bridge of the nose can successfully and safely be treated with a Juvederm rhinoplasty. Additionally, people who have had a traumatic injury to the nose and cannot have surgery, or persons who have had a number of surgeries and can't have any more could be candidates for successful treatment
  • The Rhinoplasty, otherwise commonly referred to as "a nose job", derived from the Greek words, rhinos (nose) and plassein (to shape) is a medical or aesthetic procedure to improve the function and/or the shape of a human nose. 
  •  When soft tissue Rhinoplasty is performed, up to 3 treatments are performed over a couple of months to build up the desired structural appearance.
  • 212.644.6454