Otoplasty NYC -

  • You may be a good candidate for otoplasty (ear pinning and reshaping surgery) if you have one or more of the following conditions: Larger than normal ear lobes Non-symmetrical ears Ears that 'stick out' disproportionately Am I a suitable age for otoplasty? 
  • Tell me more about children and otoplasty
  • Children's ears are usually fully developed by age 4. There are no additional risks associated with age. 
  • Having the procedure at a young age is highly desirable for two reasons: The cartilage is extremely pliable, thereby permitting greater ease of shaping The child will experience psychological benefits earlier from the cosmetic improvement Will I really look better and feel better after otoplasty? 
  • An alternative technique, where no cartilage is removed, uses stitches to fold the exposed cartilage back on itself and so reshape the ear, again concealing the stitches in the natural crease behind the ear. 
  • Ear reshaping surgery is a straightforward procedure.
  • We do not do this procedure
  • I would recommend a board certified plastic surgeon by referrral from your doctor