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  • You feel unattractive and, unfortunately, you also get negative reactions from other people.' A person's risk of developing Alopecia Areata at some time is about one in 50. 'Unlike many other hair loss conditions, it's reversible -- the hair can grow back,' remarked Hans Christian Hennies of the Cologne Centre for Genomics at the University of Cologne. 
  • The condition, whose onset is usually sudden, is called alopecia areata (AA). 
  • 'Immune therapy with the chemical diphenylcyclopropenone (DCP) has the highest success rate,' Schwichtenberg said. 
  • Progression of the condition varies greatly, starting with the number and size of the bald spots. 
  • Patchy hair loss could be caused by alopecia areata - It comes as a shock when round bald patches appear for no apparent reason on someone's previously thick head of hair
  • Other options including Steroid Injections to the Scalp
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