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  • Retin-A can provide some benefit for acne scarring, but the type of acne scarring you have (e.g. ice pick, rolled, box car etc) should be assessed by a skin expert (e.g. dermatologist or plastic surgeon)
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  •  tretinoin effective only as an adjunctive therapy for acne scarring 
  • Prescription-strength topical retinoid such as Retin-A has been shown to stimulate collagen, enhance textures of the skin over time. 
  • Retin-a works similar to a very light chemical peel: 
  • when applied topically, the retin-A increases the rate of cell turnover, thus increasing the skin's own exfoliation process to remove dead cells while stimulating new skin cells faster, resulting in better skin texture and appearance. 
  • Retin A and Acne Scars: Improvement in quality of acne scars with retinoic acid
  •  Patients requesting improvement of acne scars are typically concerned about several things: 
  • Improvement in pigmentation 
  • Improved quality of surrounding skin on face
  •  Improvement in contour irregularities and ice pick scars on the face Retin A is an active exfoliator that speeds the skin cycle and increases deposition of collagen in the dermis
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