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  • Skin Resurfacing NYC 
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  • Combination Fractional Ablative & Fractional Non-Ablative Skin Resurfacing: Palomar has received the first FDA clearance for skin resurfacing procedures using a combination of ablative and non-ablative fractional lasers. 
  • Palomar's combination treatments offer a same-day approach to allow the tailoring of depth, coagulation, and ablation to an individual's needs - helping to maximize treatment outcomes while minimizing downtime. 
  • Many dermatological and cosmetic skin conditions can be improved with fractional laser skin resurfacing. 
  • Fractional laser skin resurfacing with Palomar maximizes client aesthetic outcomes while minimizing procedure risk and reducing downtime. 
  • Results are variable
  • Please see your local Dermatologist for an evaluation
  • No Long Term Studies on Long term effects
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