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  • Striae, better known as stretch marks, are fine lines in the skin due to tearing
  • Laser skin rejuvenation does not actually remove skin, it's gentle Cool Touch laser harmlessly penetrates deep into your skin and causes new collagen to grow. 
  • The most common methods are retina-a cream,chemical peels, laser stretch mark removal, and surgical removal 
  • Laser Treatments 
  • Laser stretch mark removal is a good option to try to reestablish natural collagen to your scarred area
  • Topical Cream -- There are several topical creams on the market to treat stretch marks---StriVectin, Zenmed Stretta, and Trilastin are a few
  • Retina-A Cream and Gel
  • It is not effective for deep wrinkles or permanent scars, but as a stretch mark remover microdermabrasion might be able to help eliminate small fine lines. 
  • Chemical Peels is good for deep wrinkles and mild to moderate stretch marks. 
  • When the tissue under the skin is pulled too quickly, this can cause a disruption in collagen production, leaving thin silvery scars, or stretch marks, in its wake. 
  • There are different methods that a skincare specialist can provide for stretch mark removal
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