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  •  Spectrum Ruby Laser Getting a tattoo is growing to be more and more popular in today's society, which makes the individuals desire to remove it, very popular too. 
  •  Specturm Q-switched ruby laser
  •  Conbio Medlite-6 Q-switched YAG laser
  •  treat all colors.
  • Spectrum Ruby Laser  is one of the most powerful laser tattoo removal
  • After tattoos have been lightened by several treatments, discomfort diminishes, and either no anesthetic, or only anesthetic cream and ice may be necessary.
  • Medlite-6 is efficient and fast, that many patients require only icing and/or topical anesthetic cream.
  • Slight risk of scarring, hyperpigmentation, and hypopigmentation
  • Higher risk in ethnic patients with regard to scarring