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  • The Tear Trough The eyes are the center piece of the face and most commonly bear the first signs of aging in the face. 
  • The results last 6-12 months: the effect appears stable in most patients for the first six months and the loss is gradual after this. 
  • Better understanding of the aging process dictates that we should fill the area of volume loss instead of surgically removing tissue. 
  • The very first change before the bags is often hollowness or indentation that happens along an area known as the tear trough. 
  •  Many patients have good effect well after one year 
  • Irregularities can be seen in patients with extremely thin skin or very deep tear troughs
  • Hyaluronic Acid fillers such as Juvederm (safe, made of natural sugar molecules that are already in our body, with a gel consistency)  perfect for layering in the tear trough and around the eye to give the lower lid a naturally rejuvenated look. 
  • In the 20th Century the aging eye meant bags, puffiness,dark circles corrected by surgery but now can perform non-surgical non-invasive procedures without the risk of surgery
  • 212.644.6454