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  • Similar to the way in which Telogen Effluvium hair loss can occur after giving birth, Telogen Effluvium can also occur after an abortion or miscarriage when the hair loss is triggered by sudden changes in hormone levels
  • The following is a list of various drugs that have been reported to have side effects of hair loss: Alloppurinol (for the treatment of Gout) Heparin ( blood thinner) Coumarin (blood thinner) Clofibrate (Cholesterol lowering drug) Gemfibrozil (Cholesterol lowering drug) The above drugs are only a few of the drugs that have been reported as contributing towards hair loss. 
  • When the child is born however many of the hair follicles that had delayed entering the resting phase suddenly enter the resting phase due to the rapid drop in hormone levels. 
  • Birth control pills affect the hormone levels within the body and these hormone levels can affect hair growth
  • In some cases where diffuse and sudden hair loss occurs, if untreated the hair loss may continue until the underlying cause is treated. 
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