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  • A good-quality hair brush and one that is safest for use on fragile hair types will have a cushioned base that bristles are attached to, which provides the "give" when hair gets stuck to avoid pulling and breakage. 
  • It doesn't have to be an expensive boar-bristle brush -- any brush made of natural bristles or even combined with some nylon bristles will do the trick. 
  • When these brushes are used with the heat of a hair dryer, the core or base heats up to style the hair quicker, and possibly eliminate steps, and to limit heat exposure. 
  • These brushes pull hair tauter in the center to create a tighter curl faster and might work easily for your fine hair, especially if you don't want to expose fragile hair to the metal- or ceramic-core curling brush or a curling iron. 
  • Most plastic-bristle styling brushes will have ball-tips to protect scalp from stiff, pointy bristles. 
  • 212.644.6454