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Ultherapy Filler Face Lift

  • Ultherapy vs. dermal fillers 
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  • Ultherapy will not add volume to a face, but it will tighten the face and occasionally negate the need for facial fillers. 
  • Ulthera vs. Filler  
  • We can use  fillers on your cheeks for  depression to lift it up to the rest of the cheek. 
  • Ulthera for tightening
  •  Fillers for volume. 
  • There isn't really much overlap between what Ulthera does vs what injectable fillers do. 
  • While Ulthera can provide some lifting in the mid face, but not add volume. If you need volume you must use fillers such as Juvederm
  • It appears that Ultherapy and Fillers address  both potential concerns you have for your face
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