Ultherapy NYC - (212) 644-6454 - New York, NY

Ultherapy Highlights

  • New York Dermatology 30 East 60th Street (Park/Madison) 8th Floor Suite 805 New York, NY
  • Ultherapy 
  • 212.644.6454
  • A non-surgical ultrasound treatment for counteracting the effects of aging on your skin
  • Uses the body’s own regenerative response to to stimulate the growth of new collagen and lift and tighten the skin
  • No downtime, so you can get back to your busy life sooner
  • Uses safe, proven ultrasound energy, like that used during sonograms
  • DeepSee Ultrasound technology allows the doctor to see under the skin and deliver the energy precisely where it's needed
  • Takes a single treatment and the results are long lasting
  • not for everyone 
  • 212.644.6454
  • possibility might not work