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  • Available procedures include suction blister grafts (suctions pull the top layer of skin off and this is grafted onto the vitiligo areas), melanocyte transfer, punch grafts, and sheet grafts 
  • In another technique melanocytes are taken from the patient, cultured out and then transplanted onto the vitiligo site 
  • These are often more effective than creams alone but still do not work for everyone and generally require at least 50 treatments (usually treatments are 3 times per week) to see if they are going to work. 
  • Topical therapy would include a mid to even potent steroid cream (not if the vitiligo is on the face.) 
  • The calcineurin inhibitors Protopic or Elidel can also be used either in a regimen with steroids or by themselves
  • Coar Tar/LCD Steroid Compounds are very effective
  • The Excimer laser targets the affected skin with a high-intensity light but avoids exposure to normal skin
  • 212.644.6454