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Liquid Facelift
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  • A  liquid face lift has benefits that can't be found with surgery, such as restoring natural facial contours and volume. 
  •  A liquid face lift will give you a meaningful lift,  restore,volume  and contour your facial features.
  • Many of my patients  are trying non-surgical face lift procedures before surgical face lift procedures 
  • A liquid face lift can help many individuals who are concerned with any one of a variety of issues, as well as providing an alternative for a traditional surgical face lift in a number of instances. 
  • We can maintain it regularly for a long period of time. 
  • A combination of  treatments (botox) can complement the non-surgical face lift to maintain natural facial contours for a lifetime. 
  • We can correct the downward corners of the mouth,make you  look more rested and energetic, get rid of those bags, dark circles or the hollows under the eyes .  We can make you your upper eye lids and brows stand up and be vibrant ,make your jowls disappear,f ix that square jaw, and basically in 30 minutes you will be a new you
  • Juvederm Voluma Pending FDA Approval will make a positive and exciting improvement to this procedure
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