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  • Hair Loss for Women Treatment Center
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  • Should examined by a dermatologist to determine if your hair loss is treatable with medication and to determine if hair restoration would be be an option.
  • Hair Transplants to Thicken Hair 
  • f you want to thicken the hair in a small area such as the hairline and front of the scalp, limited improvement can be achieved with transplants for women with thin hair.
  • Thinning hair in a Woman  is not likely to be improved by hair transplantation.
  • Women who have  thinning in both of the back and front so the donor region may be no thicker than the recipient area therefor a hair transplant would be futile.
  • Hair transplant in women is done when there are small areas of loss, but you have to have a good donor area from where to take the donor hair. 
  • Other Hair Loss Option Treatments available for women
  • Do not recommend Hair Transplants for Women 
  • 212.644.6454