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  • Body Hair FUE Hair Transplant 
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  • The most important difference between Body Hair FUE (BHFUE) and FUE is that hair is extracted from various other parts of the body and not from the scalp. 
  • These key elements are: Proper donor extraction 
  • Proper follicular unit dissection 
  • Proper graft hydration and storage 
  • Recipient site creation using proper angulation, direction and arrangement 
  • Natural hairline design 
  • Careful placement of grafts with the proper technique so as to avoid their damage 
  • Proper post-surgery care Issues concerning successful Body Hair Transplants: 
  • achieve a successful body hair transplant surgery. 
  • The orientation of the follicular units. 
  • The depth of the hair follicle below the skin 
  • The thickness and the curl of the hair 
  • In scalp hair transplantation when hair is transferred from the donor to the recipient area, it takes about three months to start growing, a period, which is equivalent to their telogen phase. 
  • 212.644.6454