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  • The Corners of the Mouth and the Marionette Lines: 
  • 212.644.6454
  • As the fat below the corners of the mouth atrophies, the sides of the lips lose their support
  • Cheeks hollowed by age, malnutrition, disease, or chemotherapy 
  • The "tear troughs" separating the lower eyelids from the cheeks 
  • Fillers have tremendously expanded options for facial rejuvenation. 
  • Just by filling we can avoid surgically lifitng the cheek. We can smooth the folds just as well as surgery
  • While tummies and hips tend to collect fat as we grow older, other areas tend to lose it. 
  • In particular, the years melt away the "baby fat" from our cheeks, and this deflation signals facial aging
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