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Non-surgical rhinoplasty to correct nose imperfections performed by Dr. Gary a board certified dermatologist dedicated to the practice of Cosmetic Dermatology Surgery at the Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Treatment Center of New York.

  • It is now possible to correct minor nose imperfections, including deviations and other asymmetries, with blade-free technologies such as injections and laser treatments. These new advanced techniques  explains Dr. Gary, allow us to perfect the curvature of the nose, lift the tip of the nose or reduce the appearance of an embarrassing bump in just a few minutes, without surgery.
  • These techniques require an in-depth knowledge of aesthetic anatomy relating to the nose and the expertise of an experienced doctor. 
  • Results are generally long-lasting although touch-ups may be required every 10 to 24 months. For more significant deformities of the nose, surgery remains the treatment of choice.
  • Schedule a consultation with Dr Gary and his team to learn more about the treatments that best suit your needs.