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  1. Eyelid Tightening NYC - (212) 644-6454 -  New York, NY
  2. Facial Exercises to Tighten the Skin on Upper Eyelids 
  3. Tone the skin on your face, 
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  5. plastic surgery is not the only option.
  6. Place two fingers on each side of your head, on the temple, and gently pull back.
  7. Your fingers will get pulled towards your eyes as they shut, but try to keep them in the same place throughout the exercise. Do 10 sets of five.
  8. Do five sets and perform an eye-relaxing exercise (warm palms) to keep your eyes from being over-strained.
  9. If you have free time you can dedicate to eye exercises each week, you may achieve the tightest eyelids possible
  10. If you do not have the time for facial exercises
  11. Ultherapy is a non-invasive, one-time treatment that is scientifically proven and FDA approved to tighten facial skin
  12. other options for eyelid tightening
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